My Story

The name is Calderon, KATHRYN CALDERON I believe in having a good time while doing what I love. I like to consider myself a graphic artist because I want to blend art & design. My goal is to create design & art for change. I want my work to speak to people in ways others haven’t. When I’m not staring at a computer you can find me reading, praise dancing, or creating with different mediums. I am a Bollywood, Disney, T.V., & movie enthusiast. Writing on my book blog & listening to music helps me when I am creating. I love learning to use new mediums like photography, clay, etc. In the future, I would like a degree in painting & art history to become an art historian. I love traveling & exploring new things with my family. To sum it up I just love perfecting my crafts, being the best I can be & just enjoying life.

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