I started working in the arts at a young age. I was always doodling and drawing and would love to see my Tio Danny's artwork. In middle school art was my safe haven I loved that class any day I was in art I was happy. High shool was where I really started to delve deep into my skill. I was in student art shows and always trying to push myself to do something bigger, better, more difficult. I graduated a year early and was ready to apply for college and I had no idea what I wanted to do. I didn't think art was a career I could choose because it's hard to sell. So, I applied for a criminal justice major and hated every second of it. I skipped class a lot because I could not get through it. My brain was not wired for that type of thinking. I wanted to create so, I switched to Visual Communication of Graphic Arts and Kathryn the designer was born. I was in student art shows and excelling beyond what I expected.

After two years, I applied to the Art Institute of Atlanta to receive my Bachelors in Graphic & Web Design with a graphic design concentration. I stayed on the President's & Dean's list all two years and pushed my creativity in ways I never thought possible. I have been designing and painting freelance for about 3 years. In my last semester of college I took up Illustration classes and I am now teaching myself illustration skills to expand my artistry. I will be going to Full Sail University to get my Masters in Media Design. My future plans are to take classes that will help me perfect my craft in fine arts like painting, sculpting, etc. I also want to become an art historian. Lastly, I want to do more missionary work with my art and have Arise become a real organization so I can help people with my art. I don't want my career to just be null and void I want it to have a purpose.